At Inyore we believe ALL professionals deserve a voice. Speak Your Truth Series is a feature within Inyore where we partner with select professionals and get topics they are passionate about to relevant audiences, by highlighting a particular topic and enabling a time-scheduled (30 mins) open forum (group text) style anonymous conversation on Inyore within a custom community.

Today we are announcing Speak Your Truth Series, a new feature that will make Inyore an even better place for professionals to have their voice heard.

This series allows selected professionals to discuss their passion in a safe & secure place, without the fear of being judged or canceled for freely expressing themselves but provide the same potential for viral distribution and engagement via likes and comments.

Speak Your Truth Series on Inyore is great for professionals who are (1) passionate, want to inspire or spark change (2) don’t have the time to do the heavy-lifting to organize these discussions, looking to have structured conversations, and have your voice amplified by a community vs individually. If you are professional that has a burning desire to create a conversation, constantly having group text with friends, speaking and/or attending talks/zoom conferences waiting for Q/A about sensitive topics, or seeking a place to have discussions with like-minded individuals that are respectful, Inyore is the ideal place for you to have your voice heard.

The power of Inyore awareness, safety, and security is driven by technology

  • On, Inyore we never ask you for your name or to identify yourself so your identity remains a mystery.
  • Require you to verify your email address to prevent trolling
  • Every day your username automatically changes
  • Community guidelines
  • Professionals are able to report posts “truths” they deem offensive and/or are in violation of the community guidelines

This is different than other platforms where your audience relies on how many people are personally following you. When professionals contribute to Speak Your Truth Series or any of the Inyore communities their voice is heard and amplified because it’s aggregated with a community.

In addition, because of the way that Inyore works, your passion is ALWAYS discoverable as Inyore’s audience grows.



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Sidney James

Sidney James

Founder/CEO of Inyore. A platform that gives employees a safe and secure place to share, learn, engage with one another on sensitive topics in the workplace