Why Inyore Exists?

Inyore’s mission to give ALL professionals a voice. A ton of professionals don’t speak their truth because they fear retaliation, appearing to look stupid, or appearing to challenge authority. The truth is currently only spoken by a few — — others try to find a new job, stay and say nothing withholding information, or talk with their personal friends they trust. We want connect professionals who are willing to speak their truth to professionals who are fearful, so everyone feels empowered. Enabling professionals to see when they come together their voice leads to organizational change.

Build around a community

The core of Inyore are communities — communities are used to bring people together to advocate and support each other in the fight to overcome those threats. Community members come together to support each other, learn from each other, inspire each other, to feel a sense of fellowship, safety and belonging together. Inyore is a place where you can build a community around topics that you care about and connect with other members in a safe and secure place to share those experiences.

Inyore brings together professionals from multiple industries to build these communities. We want Inyore to be the place where you feel safe and secure about speaking your truth without fear and/judgement with your peers. We want you to be able to see the communities you build lead to change within your organization.

Understand that you are NOT alone

Inyore has content you will be able to learn and feel great about reading. Inyore helps you understand that other professionals are living through the same conditions you are. Inyore surfaces truths that you may not have been aware or thinking about yet.

Inyore truths come from professionals who share first-hand experiences, are eager to learn, and really care about the communities they are contributing to and part of. Inyore is place to read professionals truths about corporate response to racism, work-life balance, allyship, mental health, maternity support, ageism or investing salary are just a few examples. Inyore is a place where professionals from small businesses to Fortune 2000 come together to build communities.



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